The pit in every rifle hunters stomach- did I accidentally knock my scope???

Hunters spend a lot of time and money dialing in a rifle and scope at the range, and for good reason.  For many outdoorsman, they may only have one shot to harvest an animal… literally, one shot during the entire season.  The time and money are well spent if that shot is accurately placed.  Once that long gun is sighted in, few things are protected more fervently than the rifles scope.  Rifles are either slung or held at the ready while in the stand, blind, or on foot.  On ATV/UTVs, many hunters sling their weapons to minimize shock and vibrations, or because they simply do not have suitable accessories to keep their weapons and optics protected during the trip.  The same often goes for hunters who use boats and kayaks to get to their hunting locations.  Just about the only way confidently keep your rifles zero is lock it in a case or safe.

Crossed Industries provides hunters several options for protecting their long guns and optics to and from the field.  The Du-Ha Tote and Du-Ha underseat storage boxes are excellent products that blend protection with ease of access to multiple rifles.  The Du-ha Tote can easily be mounted to ATV/UTVs, fits securely within vehicles, and have no issues keeping weapons dry and secure if using boats to get to hunting lands.  The underseat storage boxes are available for nearly every make and model of vehicle out there, and are one of the easiest and most secure ways to safely transport scoped rifles (they are also hidden underneath the seat keeping them out of view from passerby’s).

The DU-HA Tote is a portable storage unit that’s designed to hold your rifles and ammo securely in the back of most SUV’s and pickup trucks.  It’s constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty.  The Tote is also a legal gun case in most states and holds up to 4 rifles with or without scopes (or shotguns) in an upright position.  Wheels and handles on each end make it extremely portable and lockable lid has three latches to help provide added security for your belongings (latches can be locked using standard padlocks).  The lid is sealed and helps keep out moisture and dust, and while the case is heavy duty, the organizer/gun rack set is made of soft material so it won’t damage your gear or guns.  When it’s time to squeeze the trigger, have confidence your zero was protected.

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