The time to focus on preparation is now.

September and October mark the beginning of a new hunting season across the nation.  Whether it’s chasing antlered deer, migrating waterfowl, or small game, the change of the seasons means a renewed focus on the woods, swamps, and fields.  One thing is certain- getting to the game requires getting off the beaten path.  Hunters demand their vehicle and ATV/UTV be ready to tackle any terrain, in any weather, and keep their gear protected while getting to the field.  At Crossed Industries, our focus is to bridge the automotive industry with outdoorsman who demand the most out of their vehicle, towed equipment, and gear.  We know the amount of time, money, and effort you put in to being successful in the field and on the water.  Just the same, we know how much goes into hunting season preparation.

Food plots are going in.  Trail cams are being hung.  Stand and blind locations are being cleared.  To make your outdoor experiences even better, Crossed Industries has entered the hunting realm to provide incredible products and useful knowledge to maximize you and your gear’s effectiveness in the field.  For us at Crossed Hunting, we categorize the experience into three stages:  the hunt, the harvest, and the haul.  And we’re committed to ensuring you’re properly equipped throughout each stage.

The Hunt.

Experience has shown that hunting involves four interwoven aspects of preparation, positioning, persistence, and performance.  These simple fundamentals create the foundation of a successful hunt.

Preparation.  No challenge was ever conquered, nor battle ever won without preparation.  A successful hunt is both a challenge and a battle- a challenge of oneself and a battle against the game.  Preparation readies the outdoorsman and turns the uncontrollable conditions of field to their favor.  Hunters prepare themselves, their gear, and their hunting locations.  And it’s done with exacting detail.

“The hunter practices their aim and shot… they control their breathing and they dial in their sights.  They ready their gear… batteries are changed, optics are cleaned, and camo is sorted and scent controlled.  The hunter manipulates the field… plots are planted, paths are cut, and shooting lanes are cleared…”  No detail is too small… 

Positioning.  The most successful hunters know to go where the game will be, not where the hunter wants them to be.  Game animals spend their lives evading predators… whether rabbits, wood ducks, or sheep, their ability to live depends on their ability to move safely in the harshest of habitats.  The next wall hanger or daily limit usually requires being in the right spot at the right time, even if that spot is incredibly difficult to get to.

“…in a blind or in a tree… near the clear cut or by the field… in dense timber or atop a grassy knoll… tucked in the reeds or floating on open water…“  The decisions are not determined by hunter comfort…

Persistence.  Whether calm skies, northerly winds, or white-out snow, the hunter’s best chance is one spent in the field.  But the beauty of a sun rise breaking through the trees or the dew glistening off the grass can quickly turn to boredom.  The hunter waits.  In excruciating detail they scan every log, every wave, or every movement of leaves.  Persistence to remain calm, remain still, and remain focused is what often separates a long walk home empty-handed from a long night processing game.

“You can’t shoot ‘em from the couch!” 

Performance.  Performance is the most important aspect of the entire hunt.  All the preparation in the world combined with perfect positioning and relentless persistence are futile if gear breaks, fails to operate, or simply does not allow the hunter to remain afield.  The average hunter has limited time to pursue their passion, so one missed opportunity could mean having tags left at the end of a season, or even worse an accident which causes the season to end abruptly.

Carrying all the gear to the field can be challenging.  But using quality made, weatherproof cargo haulers like the DECKED D-Box can quickly transport cameras, saws, and targets from your truck to your ATV/UTV to the field.  If you need something more portable, check out the Du-Ha Tote Organizer that is designed to hold tools, long guns, and other large items in the rear cargo area of your vehicle, ATV/UTV, and trailer.

The Harvest.

Without question, a bad day spent hunting is better than a good day not in the woods.  And there is no doubt that the greatest reward for the countless hours afield is a successful harvest.

However, the culminating event is a result of the hard work and dedication that led up to one moment that lasts a lifetime.  Surprisingly, it’s often a moment that comes when least expected.  The pheasant is flushed, a strutting Tom steps into the field, the goose locks its wings… it’s in that moment when everything in the world ceases.  Hunters take pride in their accomplishments for various reasons, but harvesting a game animal is undeniably an accomplishment to be proud of (regardless if a quail or an elk) .  Some situations don’t offer an easy recovery after the shot- it’s just a part of hunting.  A deer can leave the smallest blood trail for hundreds of yards… dove and duck can get lost in the thick grass and reeds… bear can tumble into the steepest ravine.

The Haul.

Hunters often work just as hard to get that harvest to the kitchen table or hanging on the wall.

Getting a limit’s worth of pheasant and squirrel out of the woods is relatively simple.  Getting a 200 pound deer, 400 pound bruin, or 800 pound bull out of the field is a completely different story… and requires completely different strategies and equipment.  Not all hunters have the ability to drag a buck from the hollow to the truck… not all game lands authorize the use of motorized vehicles… and not all weather supports leaving a harvest outside.  To that extent, emphasis is placed on getting the meat or hide to the freezer or taxidermist without spoiling.  Needing to be prepared for the haul is an understatement.

There’s usually some combination of “by foot, by ATV, by truck” involved with the haul.  Whether it’s brute strength, field ingenuity, or heavy-duty tools, hunters rely on being prepared to extract a harvest.  If you are dragging or hoisting, especially in hilly or mountainous environments, check out Crossed’s full range of winch and winch accessories for your truck and ATV/UTC.  If you need even extra cargo space to get your harvest, coolers, or gear out, the full range of Curt Basket-Style Cargo Carriers, roof racks, and accessories are perfect.

The bottom line. 

The hunt involves much more than simply taking a weapon into the woods and waiting.  Crossed Industries recognizes that all aspects of the hunt center around getting to, and traversing in, varied terrain and conditions.  Outfitting your vehicle, ATV/UTV, and boat with quality accessories can and does make a difference.  That is why we’re committed to providing the hunter with options designed to make their experience more productive, more enjoyable, and more successful.

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