You’ve seen the FLEX LEDs here on Crossed Industries, but what exactly are they and how are they different from the other options for LED lighting options out there?  First, the KC HiLiTES FLEX LED lighting system is a completely modular series of lights you can customize to meet your lighting needs.  You can choose the light bars you need to range from 10 inches to 50 inches and add the number of lights you need to fit the size.  Each has a die case aluminum housing which ensures longevity and durability.  When choosing your lights, you can choose the bulbs which go into each of the lights you add which can range from spotlighting to floodlighting.  The 10 inch series is perfect for use in the south especially as alligator season is right around the corner – or stack them on your air boat or mud boat using the KC FLEX Quad LED Combo Beam System and have the light you need facing any direction you need it to ensure you get your catch safely and effectively.



The name FLEX LED is congruent with what they are, and that’s a flexible lighting solution for whatever you needs may be.  Whether it be on the water, on your UTV, or on your truck, the KC HiLiTES FLEX Series has a modular and easy to install solution for you.

See the complete overview of the FLEX lighting system here.


FEATURES -2 x 40W KC FLEX™ Quad LED -Die-Cast Aluminum Housing -KC Precision Reflector Optics -Patent Pending Pass Through Power Bus -Combo Spot and Spread Beam


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