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KC HiLiTES Gets A New Home With Crossed Industries

A few weeks ago I was contacted by FLW Tour Professional Angler Chuck Stratton.  He was excited to share some news about how KC HiLiTES wanted to share their lines with anglers and knew Crossed Industries was the place to be able to do it.  When he first brought up KC, I was reminded of the days of old when 4×4 trucks weren’t really 4×4 trucks unless you had a row of big round KC lights on top of a roll bar or on a bull bar on your grill with the yellow smiley face covers in the daytime.  Yes, those still exist just look at the cover photo here!  The nostalgia took heart and I started perusing their lines of lights to see what new lights they had to offer.  The light bars they have now are absolutely outstanding.  I mean, I really had forgotten about KC HiLiTES with top quality competitor brands so I didn’t even know what new things they had been coming out with.


Integrated Rack Lighting Systems

Integrated Rack Lighting Systems, with the options of bars in the C-Series or the retro round halogens in the Pro6 Rack System (M-Rack roof rack) are outstanding for what we need as outdoorsmen.  Being able to stow a load and have the integration of quality lights from a known and trusted name like KC is huge.  Not to mention each of the racks have side lighting systems to light up around your truck for your campsite, launch ramp, or wherever your adventure takes you this summer.

Flex LEDs Are My Personal Favorite

As far as the light bars and pack systems go, I have to say the Flex LEDs are my personal favorite.  A pseudo retro-futuristic look in the style of star wars that is unique all in itself.  They’re modular so you can arrange them however you see fit, a true customization for your truck, SUV, UTV, or your larger boats where spotlights or deck lights are necessary.  We’ve got colored bezels for you to choose from and there are just a ton of cool options.

Applications For Your Boat!

We have a number of great deck light kits for your boats.  To explain what a deck light kit is, they’re automotive rock lights which we anglers put in the gunnels of our bass boats to give us some additional lighting on our decks at night or in the morning prior to launch.  Most kits we have are super bright and don’t have an integrated dimmer system in them.  So, most anglers either have to finagle a dimmer switch – if the LEDs in the kit are dimmable – or they just deal with the brightness of the single color they’ve chosen.  Well, with the KC HiLiTES C-Series RGB 6-Piece Rock Light Kit you no longer have that problem.  Built into the kit is a Bluetooth transceiver which integrates with the KC HiLiTES App available for Android or iOS you not only can control the brightness of the lights, the options you can do with them are almost limitless.  As long as the color you want your lights to be at the time of your choosing is within the Red/Green/Blue Spectrum – then your KC C-Series lights on your deck will be that color!  We couldn’t be more excited to bring these to you the anglers.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be showing you a full install of this kit on a bass boat along with what these lights can really do.  Oh, and did I mention that with all these added features they’re less than half the price of a six light kit of the alternative?  With Affirm you can literally have these in the deck of your boat for less than $20 per month.

Watch this video of how they look installed on a Jeep Wrangler.

We’ll show you what they’re going to look like on your bass boat!


Are Your Compartment Lights Too Dim?

Some boat manufacturers just don’t get enough light in their compartment lighting.  Older models don’t have lights at all.  This can be a major pain when it comes to trying to set up in the morning or get retied in low light conditions.  The KC HiLiTES Cyclone LEDs are perfect for lighting up small spaces.  Originally built for under hood lighting.  Cyclone LEDs provide a tremendous amount of light for any small space you need to provide light for.

All these great things, then finally finishing with KC’s 23 Year – YES TWENTY THREE YEAR – Limited Lifetime Warranty, and you should be able to see why we are so excited to bring KC HiLiTES to you at Crossed Industries.  We cross the best in automotive, fishing, hunting, and the rest of the outdoors so you can have the absolute best adventure of a lifetime.

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KC HiLiTES on Crossed Industries


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