Mounting The KC KiLiTES M-Rack

Here, KC HiLiTES will show you step by step how to install the KC M-Rack onto a Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. This process is the exact same for any Toyota Tacoma that is 2005-2019. If you want to take your Tacoma to the next level and turn it into and offroading, overlanding machine, then the M-Rack is for you. With endless mounting possibility, you can mount anything from a roof top tent, to a bike, to rotopax, to anything in-between! The M-Racks are available with our Gravity LED Pro6 light bar or with our C-Series LED light bar, and both versions include four LED side lights. Clink the link above to see the products on our website! For over 50 years, the KC brand has been a symbol of outdoor freedom, adventure, quality, and performance. KC HiLiTES takes features engineered for off-road racing and designs them into unique lighting and adventure products used by those who have a thirst for the paths less traveled. They stand for the outdoor enthusiasts – from off-roaders to hikers to mountain bikers and anyone in-between – because that’s who KC HiLiTES is, and they make products to allow us to adventure further, and that’s why Crossed Industries is proud to offer KC HiLiTES M-Racks for whichever truck you drive.

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As with all our products we have available 0% financing through Affirm* and multiple options through Klarna at so you can get the gear you need now and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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