Save Your lower Unit From The FREEZE

Many of us refuse to winterize our boats when the weather turns on us.  it takes dedication, but as long as there’s open water you can have some really great fishing days in the dead of winter.  In fact some of your biggest catches of the year can come when you have to knock the ice out of your latches at launch.  There are some things to be weary of when you are spending time out on the water this time of year.  One of them is how you store your boat.  Whether you store it in a garage or covered outside, you can take some simple steps to ensure your boat is well taken care of throughout the winter and you save your lower unit from the freeze.

Many anglers don’t realize their lower unit will almost always hold just a little water from the lake.  When you get off the water and you load up on you DD26 Mean Mount for your brand of motor, your cooling system will drip the remaining water into your lower unit.  If left in there it runs the potential to freeze and with the expansion can crack your impeller housing or cause other harmful cracking within your lower unit.

So to make sure you’re saving your lower unit from the freeze, just take these three steps and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Never store your motor on the mount (This Causes It To Hold Water)
  2. Raise your jack plate or lower your trailer jack to allow you to trim you motor all the way down.
  3. Raise your motor to the highest trim you can and shake it to get any water out of the front intakes; then lower it all the way down and store it lowered to allow all remaining water to drip out.

These three simple steps will go a long way in protecting your lower unit from the freeze all winter long.

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