DD26 Fishing Mean Stops Outboard Steering Stops



DD26 Fishing Mean Stops Steering Locks (SET OF 2)

Fitment of a steering lock has NOTHING to do with the ENGINE itself.  So if you have a Mercury Engine it has nothing to do with the steering system.  Its all about which hydraulic steering system you have.
A good guide of common fitment is:  (but recommended to measure first)
  • Seastar steering systems – Usually 4″ steering locks 3/4″ Diameter (most common) (These clips come standard with the DD26 Gen 2 Mean Stops)
  • Seastar extra heavy tournament – Usually 4″ steering locks with 7/8″ diameter
  • Baystar steering systems – Usually 3.75″ steering locks with 16mm Diameter
  • Mercury steering systems – Usually 3.75″ steering locks with 16mm Diameter
  • Uflex steering systems – Usually 3.75″ steering locks with 20mm and 16mm Diameters.  Measure first.
Pick your color and Protect your investment! There is nothing harder on your transom, steering and motor than towing. Let’s face it, we love our Boats and Motors and they are not cheap. Do not skimp on one of the most important accessories you can buy for your boat. Best positive SteeringLocks on the market!
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