KC HiLites SlimLite LED 6″ Spot Beam Black

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KC HiLites
5 lbs
7 × 6.5 × 6.25 in
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 FEATURES – 1 x 50W Slimlite® LED Light
– Every Slimlite® LED light is powered by 10 high power Cree LEDs for unmatched power at an affordable price
– Ultra Slim Black UV treated aluminum housing with unique fin design for maximum cooling and aerodynamic efficiency
– Breathable membrane barrier
– Impact resistant polycarbonate Lens
– Spot beam pattern
LIGHT PERFORMANCE (per light at 12V)
– Raw Lumens: 7,260 lm
– Lux @ 10 Meters: 2500 lx
– Candela: 250,000 cd
– Beam Distance (meters) at 1.00 lx: 500m
– Beam Distance (meters) at 0.25 lx: 1000m

– Wattage: 44W at 12V; 50W at 13.5V
– Amp Draw: 4.0A (at 12V)
– Voltage: 9-32V
– Color Temperature: 5000K
– Dimensions: W – 6.21″ x H – 6.71″ x D – 2.70″
– Housing: Black UV treated aluminum housing

HIGH-PERFORMANCE LED OPTICS KC’s Slimlite® LED lights provide exceptional output through the use of high-performance Cree® XD-16 LEDs. Slimlite® LED lights feature an optimized beam pattern that has a spot beam output for long-distance lighting along with fill light for short to mid-range light. The 10 internal LEDs and reflectors result in incredible light output with highly targeted light distribution and beam shape that translates to more usable light than standard round lights. RACE-PROVEN STRENGTH & DURABILITY Constructed from a rugged aluminum housing with a durable, shatter resistant polycarbonate lens, KC Slimlite® LED lights were made to perform at their best for years to come. ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING FOR ACCURACY AND PRECISION Universal adjustable mounts allows users to easily mount Slimlite® LED lights to most bolt hole locations. The mounts also allow for easy vertical adjustment and horizontal aiming of light output while ensuring beam stability and consistency.

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5 lbs
7 × 6.5 × 6.25 in

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