KC Cyclone Tube Mount Kit 1″ – 1.75″ with strap (ea)


KC 13561 Cyclone Tube Mount Adapter allows users to mount KC Hilites Cyclone LED light to 1" - 1.75" tubular surfaces. Beveled and flat design for tubular or flat applications. Kit includes a strap, screw, and washer mount and rubber pad. read more

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0.2 lbs
4 × 1 × 3.75 in
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The Cyclone LED light is one of the most universal LED lights on the market, and this universal mounting bracket ensures that you will be able to secure your Cyclone LED light to either round tubing or a flat surface with ease. The provided bolt and washer allows you to secure your Cyclone to the mount. Then, all you need is a secure attachment device, such as a zip tie or hose clamp, to secure your Cyclone LED and universal adapter to your vehicle.

Uses for the Cyclone LED light include: rock lights, engine bay lights, dome lights, tool box lights, truck bed lights, and a universal lighting source that anyone can power with a 6-16V power source. The universal Cyclone LED tube mount adapter allows the user to mount the Cyclone LED light to a flat or tubular surface with a simple hose clamp, zip tie, or other attachment device. The adapter design includes a bevel for tube mounting applications, as well as a flat portion that allows the user to mount the Cyclone to a flat surface.

Cyclone LED Accessory light specifications:

• 5W
• 516 Raw Lumens
• 2.2″ wide x .53″ deep
• Runs on 6-16V
• IP68 rated waterproof
• Protected against RFI/EMC Interference

Common Cyclone uses:

• Accessory Light
• Dome Light
• Engine Bay Light
• Rock Light
• Truck Bed Light

NOTE: This adapter does not come with the securing device such as a hose clamp or performance zip tie.

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0.2 lbs
4 × 1 × 3.75 in

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