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ODYSSEY Performance Series battery Model 34M-790 (SAE lead posts and stud posts) Designed to handle the increased use of on board accessories in today's vehicles, ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries combine long service life, high reliability and deep cycle capabilities. The ODYSSEY Performance series batteries provide all the reliability of the ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries but without the high cold cranking amps (CCA) or reserve capacity (RC) that many people may not require. read more

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Compared to spiral-wound batteries of equal size, ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries pack 15% more plate surface area into the case. Avoiding the “dead space” between cylinders in “sixpack” designs means ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries deliver more power and 40% more reserve capacity.

Boat owners have traditionally had to make a choice between starting power or deep cycle power when replacing a marine battery. But most boaters want both — a marine battery that delivers robust starting power when they need it, yet also withstands deep and frequent depths of discharge (DOD) without significant power loss. Now they can have it all.

The ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ Trolling Thunder®/Marine Dual Purpose battery has both massive starting power and amazing deep cycling capability — up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge when charged appropriately.

With twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional marine batteries, the ODYSSEY Extreme Series Trolling Thunder/Marine Dual Purpose battery is ideal for trolling, starting, and for powering the many on-board electronic accessories common in today’s boats and recreational vehicles.

  • *Cold Start Performance S.A.E J537 JUNE 82 (30 seconds of crank at 0 degrees F.)
  • **Pulse Current (5 second strarting power)
Pulse (5-second) Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA) 1500
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 792
20Hr Nominal Capacity (Ah) 61
Reserve Capacity Minutes 114
Dimensions L x W x H (in) 10.80 x 7.84 x 6.76
Metric Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 274.8 x 171.7 x 191.1
Weight (lbs) 46.6
Weight (kg) 21.1

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46.6 lbs

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