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The world today is turning to mobile devices more and more.  The convenience of all the information you could possibly need is at your fingertips, literally.  The fishing world is no different.  While there are a ton of apps made to log your catches and intended to be your fishing journal, there’s only one that focuses on ensuring your spots remain YOUR spots.  That’s the SpotSafe App by Angler Hub.

SpotSafe gives you the opportunity to log each of your catches on high resolution satellite imagery, either while you’re on the water or when you finally get home to review your day.  It also allows you to import and export your spots to your graphs in your boat.  That one right there is a pretty cool feature.

How many times have you jumped on a friend’s boat for a fun day of fishing or for a tournament and forgot to pull your way points off your graphs?  I know I have, and trying to guess the approximate areas does work from time to time, getting on that sweet spot you found in your boat by dead reckoning can be almost impossible.  Having those way points securely in your phone is one way to ensure you and your partner make it to the right ledge at the right time with no confusion.

SpotSafe is an excellent tool for tournament preparation and practice too.  It allows you to make detailed notes about every catch and seriously establish that winning pattern you’ve been looking for.

Check out a quick video from Tanner Priddy, the developer of the SpotSafe App.

*NOTE – This video states SpotSafe is currently available for Andriod Devices, however it is now available for both Andriod and Apple Devices*

One thing I like about the SpotSafe App is that is also allows me to share way points securely with friends.  When your buddy has the SpotSafe App, you can choose a specific lake or part of a lake you want to share with him.  So if you were together and found some good things in practice but split up later in the day, you can share exactly what you found together, but not lose those aces in the hole you found on your own.  Total Win-Win!

SpotSafe Options Menu

SpotSafe Allows you to organize your fishing logs in such a way that you can keep them secure, while maintaining the best and most detailed information about those patterns you want to recreate.  One of those ways is helping yourself remember a casting angle.

You can literally mark where your boat should be in relation to the actual location of a tree or brush pile on a ledge, take a picture of what you’re using on the far shoreline to lineup your casts, and viola!

Now you just took the guessing out of whether or not you’re going to hit that high percentage line on your first cast.  If that’s not some information you want to be able to reference, but keep safe from EVERYBODY – you haven’t been tournament fishing long enough!

The security, accuracy, and overall usefulness of the SpotSafe App by Anglerhub are the reasons we’re happy to partner with them for 2019.  Check out the SpotSafe App on your mobile device’s respective App Store (or just follow this link) and start securely logging your fishing trips and improving your efficiency on the water.

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