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The Weed Chopper Trolling Motor Helper is basically a guillotine you attach to the shaft of your trolling motor to cut away masses of aquatic vegetation.  Until now, the worst part of using your trolling motor in heavy vegetation has been the mass of grasses that accumulate on the front of your trolling motor against the shaft.  Today’s top shelf trolling motors have propellers made to cut away the grass and do a great job of this.  Now you can add the Weed Chopper Trolling Motor Helper to your trolling motor to have a truly weedless experience!

"I've been using a weed chopper on my Fortrex for about the last year. This has been one of the best investments that I've made for my boat. These things help you to navigate through cover with ease. It does not matter if you're going through hydrilla, buggy whips, bull rushes, kissimmee grass, or even pads. This thing will chop em all!!!! Its a must have for any angler who enjoys getting in the grass."

TJ Loftis

TJ Loftis

"The Weed Chopper is the most innovative device I have ever used or seen that allows you to fish all day without having to keep cleaning the weed build up that accumulates around the shaft of your trolling motor. The days of having to continuously keep lifting your trolling motor out of the water to clean it is a thing of the past. The Weed Chopper allows you to fish silent without having to exert a lot of unnecessary effort and energy enabling you to put 100% of your focus into your fishing. I would recommend the Weed Chopper to anyone who wants to spend more of an enjoyable day on the water with less work and more fish catching fun."

Norman Lee is an accomplished Big Bass Guide in Highlands County, Florida.  To schedule the trip of a lifetime, contact him at - (863) 260-3474 or via Facebook at Norman Lee Fishing

Norman Lee

Norman Lee

"The Weed Chopper Trolling Motor Helper is one of those tools where once you have used it, you'll never fish a grass lake again without it.  There's nothing more aggrivating than having to constantly pull your trolling motor out of the water to remove debris from the front of the shaft.  With the Weed Chopper, you never have to do that again."

Chaz Hickcox

Chaz Hickcox

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  • Weed Chopper

  • Mounting Brackets




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The Weed Chopper Trolling Motor Helper

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