Meet the Pros

Jeff Dobson

The main thing I look forward to in a day of fishing is to go out and have a fun productive day. In the thirty + years I have been fishing I have made a lot of friends and I plan on making a lot more throughout my journey.

Kyle Cortiana

How did it begin? A large bass blows up next to an old log against the bank of a farm pond not far from home. I run down the bank to the site of the explosion, snoopy rod in hand and a Texas rigged plastic worm lobbed into the air making a subtle splash next to the laydown. The fish takes the bait with a small thump followed by a fast run under the log, but not so fast fish, do you know who you’re messing with? I’m 3 years old and one day I’m going to fish the FLW Tour as a professional fisherman and you’re not about to embarrass me early on in my career! So yes, that day the angler in me came out and that day my father likes to claim, “I created a monster!”