DECKED Truck Bed Organizer

The DECKED Truck Bed Organizer has been one of our most popular items at Crossed Industries over the years.  And it’s pretty easy to see why.  The American Made quality and superior design goes a long way when choosing how you’re going to organize the bed of your truck to get out for your adventures.  It’s completely water tight and will keep your gear, guns, and other required items safe from the elements and prying hands while on the road.  Literally, lockable drawers paired with raising and locking your tailgate and there’s no way to get into it.  One of our favorite details about the DECKED Organizer is the fact it can hold 2,000 pounds of gear on top of it.  That means you’re not losing use of the bed of your truck just by having an organizer in it.  You can store all of your gear in the drawers then take your ATV, UTV, dirt bike, jonboat, or kayak and store them on top of it while you’re travelling to your destination.

Watch the deep dive below from DECKED to see just how useful these organizers are.  We have them available for any late model pickup from the Chevy Colorado to the Ford F-350.  Find the right DECKED Organizer for your truck  -HERE-

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