Waterfowlers endure some of the most harsh environments and weather across the nation.

The dictionary defines a waterfowler as a person who hunts waterfowl for sport or food.  At Crossed Industries, we know waterfowlers are in a category of their own within the hunting community.  Chasing over 20 species of ducks and geese (and mergansers, brant, and tundra swan for the fortunate few), waterfowl hunters are among the most rugged breed of hunters.  The experience is usually both exhilarating and intimidating as they attempt to coax the wariest of game birds into shotgun range… in the harshest conditions… from the water or field… both of which are often frozen.  September and October has the skies filling up with birds migrating south and each of the four flyways presents different hunting opportunities and challenges.  However, one thing is consistent across the country- waterfowlers have to get to the blind with confidence.  

The gear and pure grit required to hunt waterfowl comes only second to the knowledge and perseverance necessary to be successful.  Decoys, blinds, calls, shotguns, steel shot… the list goes on with standard equipment you’ll see a waterfowler haul to the boat, shoreline, puddle, or field.  Tack on another hour or two to each hunt just to get the decoy spread set out and picked up.  Throw a trusted retrieving dog into the mix and gear and hunting considerations just compounded.  To exacerbate the situation, they have to be able to identify what species is locking its wings and whether or not its a male or female- sometimes in the middle of a gail or snowstorm.  To say the least, waterfowling is tough.  But the hard-earned reward of overcoming the difficulties to successfully bag a limit is one that keeps them going back out.

Making the most out of a duck or goose hunt means minimizing the amount of time spent not hunting and not shooting.  Getting to the hunt zone takes time.  Setting and adapting the decoy spread takes time.  Retrieving downed birds takes time.  Calm weather and clear skies don’t relate to better hunting (even if it makes time tromping, reaching, or sitting in the water a little more tolerable.)  We take notice of any gear that can minimize weight, size, water damage, time, and trips to the truck, ATV/UTV, or boat.  Crossed Industries provides the outdoorsmen with vehicle, boat, and ATV/UTV accessories designed to withstand the harsh conditions hunters routinely endure.  Just as important, we carry a range of options to ensure you can get you and your gear to the blind.  Period.

Getting a boat loaded with decoys to the water requires being able to trailer it.  Crossed Industries provides the best options for towing & hitches, including the Browning edition B&W Tow and Stow and Curt Rebellion XD. 

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